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What Is Masturbation Month?

By Justine Vallata

What Is Masturbation Month?

May is International Masturbation Month, but what exactly does that mean? And how did this all come (*cum) about? Let's go on a journey together and look at the history behind Masturbation Month and how we can all be celebrating self-love this May.


Where did it all begin?

Ever wondered how these days, weeks or months of note come to be? Well, similar to so many hashtag holidays and international days of 'something', like Small Business Saturday (thanks American Express) and International Coffee Day (amen, All Japan Coffee Association), Masturbation Day (which is now an entire month) was also created by a business.

In 1995, Good Vibrations, an American based sex shop declared the first ever Masturbation Day. While there was likely some marketing smarts behind the plan, the first Mazzy May Day was marked to honour Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton in 1994 after she suggested that masturbation be included in the sex education curriculum.

Since 1995, for those in the know, the entire month of May has gained momentum as a a celebration of people's right to masturbate.


Why do we need a month to celebrate Masturbation?

Um, why wouldn't we need a month to celebrate masturbation?

It's 2024, and the topic of self-pleasure is still on the taboo list - especially for vulva owners (don't believe me, you should try navigating all the algorithms and policies out there). Celebrating and embracing everyone's right to masturbate helps to normalise the practice and reminds people that self-pleasure is a healthy part of being human (regardless of what's between your legs and how you identify).

Also, Masturbation May is a bit of fun and a great excuse to squeeze a few more self-love sessions in each week!


That's The Spot's top Masturbation May celebration tips:

  1. Set yourself a self-pleasure goal - make more time for masturbation or experiment with a new position, location or time of day.
  2. Introduce mutual masturbation into your partnered sex life - masturbating with a partner is a great way to learn what the other person likes. It can increase intimacy and trust, and it's an opportunity to share something special with someone special.
  3. Treat yourself to a new toy - change is as good as a holiday. Spoil yourself with something new and exciting.
  4. Send a vibrating gift bundle to someone you think is lush and encourage their self-love journey.
  5. Get vocal - taboo topics only feel taboo because we don't talk about them enough. Catch up with your friends and speak about masturbation (check in first to make sure it's a topic everyone feels comfortable with). You will be surprised how rewarding and enlightening these conversations can be.
  6. Support a sex toy brand you identify with and/or love - this doesn't have to be a financial investment, a like, a share, or a comment on social media is a great way to rally for a business that you feel is doing good things for sexual wellness, sex positivity, sex inclusivity and body positivity. If there's a brand you love, let them know and tell your friends!


Happy Masturbation May. Let the celebration begin!