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Heart, Soul & Humour

Oh hey there, I'm Justine, founder of That's The Spot. Thanks for popping by to learn a little more about the story behind my business. Five gold stars for you!

I have always been passionate about giving gifts. Nothing says "I see you", "I care about you" or "you're an A++ human" quite like the perfect present.

After a bad day at work back in 2022, my partner suggested I change careers and open a sex shop. While I knew there were already people doing exciting things in that space, his comment did plant a seed. I started to ask, what if we could gift vibrators and sex toys in the same fashion that we do flowers and food?

The answer to this question ended up becoming, That's The Spot - Australia's first and only dedicated pleasure gifting emporium.

That's The Spot is a zesty, vibrant space where anyone and everyone can gift to themselves or others, quality, recipient centric adult pleasure toys - with a super cute twist.

That's The Spot Pleasure Pals are carefully curated (personally by me and my small team of trusted confidants), locally tested (again, personally by me and my small team of trusted confidants) and thumbs up given by real Australians who live to laugh, love and climax.

Me, and the team here at That's The Spot pair our Pleasure Pal vibrators with ace self care goodies, to create heartfelt, humorous and feel good gifts. Our packs are suited to almost any gifting (and self gifting) occasion.

Getting It Right

I have been gifted adult toys from lovers and friends. Anything from a lover always had a cringe factor and was usually just a gadget they wanted to see me use. Anything gifted from a friend was always so far in the joke column it had no real use once the laughs were finished.

At That's The Spot. I'm changing the way we give and receive pleasure toys. Say "happy birthday", "I love you", or "cheer up" in a whole new way. Commiserate a break up, start someone's self-love journey, treat yourself or someone you rate with the ultimate "me time" prezzie.

We're not sexy, but everything is packed with passion. We're not smutty but our products are pleasers. Funny is our foreplay. We say "no" to ick and "hellooo" to sending and receiving quality gifts exploding with colour, love and happiness.

Connected Partnerships

I am proud to own a Naarm/Melbourne based business. Everything in the That's The Spot offering is joyfully picked, packed and posted from our Bayside HQ.

I value my That's The Spot partners.

Our Pleasure Pals are made with love and good vibes in Guangzhou, China.

That's The Spot supports local businesses where it can and I am delighted on the daily to work with our friends at Freckleberry Chocolate, Undercover Roasters, Lula Self Warming Eye Masks, Paloma Candy, Thirsty Body, BABY Pink Gin, McClaren Digital Press and One Stop Art Shop.

Big sloppy kisses to all of you xx.