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Postpartum Self-Pleasure

By That's The Spot

Postpartum Self-Pleasure

A Mother's Day Celebration Of Self-Love

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating and talking about mums and their self-pleasure, because, NEWS FLASH, mums masturbate too!

Yes, that's right, mums. While they seem superhuman, they're actually human. Real people with human desires and needs - and seriously, no one needs a solo session as much as a mama after a total day of the whole world wanting everything from her.

Life after becoming a parent is a journey, the early days can be filled with so much magic and joy, but there can be difficult times. For every new parent there will be a journey to return to sexuality. For some, it feels easy and straightforward, and for others it may not feel so simple.

That's The Spot recently spoke with Rosie from Hatched House. Rosie shared some advice and special insights into postpartum self-pleasure and the important role it can play for mums.


Can you explain a little bit about postpartum sexuality?

Returning to sex and intimacy after having a baby can be daunting, with parents experiencing a range of emotions and physical changes. Some parents can't wait to rekindle their sex life, whilst others have their love cup already full to the brim, feel "touched out" and have low libido”.


How might new parents approach reintroducing sex and intimacy into their life?

Rosie: Communication, empathy, and making sure you feel good are essential. Exploring self-pleasure can play an important role in rediscovering your own sexuality, after going through such a big change.


What role can Masturbation play in a new mum's life?

Rosie: Self-pleasure allows mothers to explore a deeper understanding of their new body, desires and needs, outside the realm of partnered intimacy. This can give new mums much-needed time to themselves, improve their mood and sometimes help strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.


Hatched House is a Naarm based allied health centre for women, with a focus on fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Visit their website to learn more about their professional service offerings across physiotherapy, dietetics, psychology, midwifery, lactation, massage and clinical Pilates.