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Sharing the Love: A Guide To Initiating Conversations About Pleasure

By Niamh Mannion

Sharing the Love: A Guide To Initiating Conversations About Pleasure

Gift-giving and conversations about pleasure.


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Welcome back, pleasure seekers. For those who may have found themselves here for the first time, my name is Niamh Mannion and I am a Sexologist-in-training here on Kaurna Yerta. I invite you to join me in my cosy corner of the internet where I share insights into sexological topics and support you to access pleasure, yum.
Today, I’d love to explore some really juicy and practical (yes, those two can both be true) tips on how to navigate and initiate conversations around gifting pleasure.

So please, grab your notebook or notes app, settle into your favourite corner, and let's indulge in some hands-on (pun-intended), pleasure tips together!


Tips for Initiating and Navigating Conversations:


So, you want to start talking about gifting pleasure - I LOVE this for you. But, I know it can be intimidating to bring this up if it feels unfamiliar. Here are a few tips on how to initiate:
  1. Start by checking in. Consent is key and exploring topics around sexuality can be tricky for some people.
  2. I’d suggest starting by expressing your own thoughts and feelings. This opens the door for your conversation partner to jump in with theirs if they feel comfortable.
  3. Offer open-ended questions that allow the other person to share their perspective. Get curious with your questions and make space to hear the answers.
  4. Share resources. Now, this might be my favourite. Let’s say you’ve been talking and your communication partner is excited to explore their pleasure palette. This is where the research comes in. If all involved feel comfortable, you may wish to explore this together. The power of shared experiences are unmatched, you may wish to share your favourite websites, visit adult stores and connect with social media platforms to find the mode of pleasure that feels right for you.

Initiating conversations about pleasure requires trust and a sprinkle of courage. It's truly about creating a space where desires can be communicated and boundaries are respected.

Gestures and gift-giving are one amazing way to enhance our relationships, increase happiness, reduce stigma and promote pleasures in daily life. So, if you’re feeling curious, open the door to pleasure and explore a meaningful pleasure-focused conversation today - you may be surprised with what comes next.
Until next time, stay curious and keep your pleasure alive.
Your friend in sex ed,