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Here’s what you should be writing on the next card you send

By That's The Spot

Here’s what you should be writing on the next card you send

Card writing made simple (and entertaining).


Do you hold back on sending cards with gifts because you’re not sure what to write? Does it all just seem to hard, especially if you're in a CBF mood? If you’re nodding in agreement as you read this, you’re not alone. Anxiety around writing the right words or thinking of something to say is a big roadblock for many people and a top turn off for buying a card.


Gift cards help complete thoughtful gifts and at That's The Spot, we're all about heartfelt gifting (we're in the self-love biz after all). Words on a card communicate the intention of a present and they’re an opportunity to let someone know how you feel – keeping in mind this doesn’t have to be a mushy love poem, humour and simple well wishes can be just as effective as pouring out your heart and soul.


Here are some passionate, funny and unique message ideas from the That’s The Spot team to give you a head start on the card for the next vibrating prezzie you send.


Birthday Messages

“Happy Birthday to the biggest wanker I know.”

“If anyone deserves a time out on their Birthday, it’s you. Shut the door, turn your phone off and get into your self-love zone.”

“It’s your birthday, knock one out and celebrate!”

“A little self-love treat for the best person I know.”

“Another year older, another year wiser – still a wanker.”

“I thought someone better get you what you actually want this year. Thank me later Birthday girl/boy.”

“What do you get someone who has everything? Back-to-back orgasms - duh.”

“A little Birthday buzz for the best person I know.”


Romantic Messages

“I see everything you do, every day and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. This gift is for you, my love. Put your feet up, zone out and enjoy yourself – there is no one more deserving.”

“Sorry I can’t satisfy you, hopefully this will ;-)”

“You’re a vibe I’m here for. Yesterday, today and forever more.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, here’s a vibrator – thank me later.”

“So you don’t miss me to much while I’m away. I love you.”

“I’m buzzed about having some fun together!”


Cheer up Messages

“Forget that douchebag. Here's a vibrator.”

“You can do better. In the meantime, here’s a vibrator.”

“Sorry life is being shit. I hope this helps to take your mind off things.”

“I thought it was time to turn that frown upside down.”

“Let the endorphin’s do their thing.”

“Just close the door for a bit and love yourself. The sun will come out again.”

“Maybe there’s plenty more fish in the sea. But for now, there’s also vibrators.”

“Vibrator = the best part of a relationship. Who needs the rest!”

“The sun will come out, and if it doesn’t, keep masturbating.”

“You are overdue for good vibes.”


Copy and paste or tweak a little - use these words as you like to fill you with confidence to gift with a card from now on.

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