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How To Gift a That’s The Spot Vibrating Gift Hamper

By Justine Vallata

How To Gift a That’s The Spot Vibrating Gift Hamper

Your guide to perfecting a memorable and unique gifting experience.

I know why you’re here. You’re tired of sending the same bouquet of flowers, the same food hamper, the same bottle of bubbles …

Did I get it right?

Keeping presents fresh for our friends and family can be a task. There are so many gifting occasions during a year that it’s tough work finding the perfect item each time. Annually most of us need to source presents for birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, commiserations, calendar holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day – and my list could go on and on – but I have a word count to stick to!

That's The Spot offers a unique opportunity to diversify your gifting repertoire. Our dedicated online self-care gift emporium offers a new and exciting way to gift sex toys. Our Pleasure Pal vibrators are packaged into colourful, vibrant gift hampers with chocolates, bath salts, lubricant, spirits and other fun feel good treasures.

Every That’s The Spot gift promotes a stigma free, inclusive and approachable method to gifting pleasure items.

You like the sound of this don’t you?

I thought you would.

To help guide your self-love gifting journey, here’s a list of things to consider and steps to take when ordering a That’s The Spot pack for someone you think is A++.



This one might be obvious, but before you start adding goodies into your cart, give your gifting occasion some thought. Are you looking for a birthday present? A break up gift? Is this an anniversary treat? Or are you gearing up to celebrate a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Christmas or maybe even Mother’s Day? The occasion is key because That’s The Spot often has seasonal gift packs, curated and ready to send to mark a specific holiday.

The occasion will also guide your gift's overarching mood. A birthday gift hamper might be light, jovial and focus on celebration. Compared to a break up present which might need to be focused on self-restoration, or elevating someone’s spirits with humor.

For maximum recipient satisfaction, let the gifting occasion guide your gift’s mood.


Vibrator Preference

There are six Pleasure Pal vibrators in That’s The Spot's offering. I always suggest starting with Pleasure Pal research before selecting or building a gift box. A few things you might consider when purchasing one of our vibrators as a gift:

  • What sex toys does your recipient already own? (if you know this)
  • What sex toys has your recipient expressed a preference towards? (if you know this)
  • How experienced with self-pleasure is your recipient?
  • Is your recipient a humorous or serious person?
  • Are you gifting this present to use together, or is it a platonic gift?
  • If you were the recipient, which Pleasure Pal would you love the most?

Knowing the answers to these (or some of these) questions will help guide your choice of vibrator. For example, someone who owns and loves a suction toy already might be keen to receive a Dos Amigos as it combines suction with a vibrating bulb and flexible stem. Someone who is new to their self-pleasure journey might be more receptive to Madame Mango or Bestie as they both have an approachable aesthetic and easy to use design. If your recipient loves a laugh, Spike or Duke are likely to land well and entertain your special person.


What does your recipient need?

This is the question I like to ask myself when I’m selecting a That’s The Spot gift pack. What does my recipient need and which vibrating hamper will best serve them? For example, I often gift packs to friends after they give birth. What do these women need? They need a gift that’s truly for them. Their entire life and body feels like it has been handed over to their newborn and so receiving a gift that’s specifically for them is special. Me Time with a tin of Thirsty Bath Salts is my go-to postpartum present. The pack provides an approachable vibrator for when they’re ready, a feeding time chocolate snack, LULA Eye Masks and hot chocolate powder to aid with relaxation and sleep. The bath salts are great for recovery and muscle pain.

Alternatively, if you’re sending a break up gift box, your recipient might need cheering up, so some humor might be in order. Lift Off with Paloma Candy Hard (penis) Candy offers a newly single person a self-love essentials pack and a little cube of candy dicks for laughs.

Weather it’s some time out, a laugh, a confidence boost, energy, a warm hug or something else, keeping your recipients needs in mind will ensure your gift is recipient centric and absolutely loved on arrival.


Don’t forget to say something!

I’m a massive stationary nerd. I love cards and wrapping paper and all the trimmings for gift giving. As a stationary nerd I am always shocked at how many people give gifts without cards! A thoughtfully writen card can be just as important as the gift itself. That’s The Spot postcards are only $5.00 each and offer every gift giver the opportunity to pen a special message to their recipient.

Every message that is noted into the checkout notes when a postcard is part of an order is handwritten and included with your gift.

Especially if you’re sending your That’s The Spot gift hamper pack directly to its recipient, don’t forget to add some nice words and a “to” and “from” for your postcard.



Last but not least – delivery of your gift! Every That’s The Spot order – no matter how big or small is discreetly packaged. We use custom mailer boxes with a craft brown exterior, free from any branding or identifiable marks. Inside each pack – well that’s another story! Once the mailer is open, colour bursts from the box internals to our Pleasure Pal packaging and crinkle paper.

Discreet shipping means you have the flexibility to send That’s The Spot gifts to almost any address in Australia – the only real decision you need to make is will you send your gift direct to it’s recipient, or will you receive the pack first?

Orders $100.00 or more receive complimentary (FREE) express shipping. For orders less than $100.00, we offer both standard and express shipping options.


Okay, it’s over to you now. Go on, get gifting like you have never gifted before - it's time to explore the That's The Spot shop.