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How did you get here? Someone gifted you the best gift ever? Did you gift yourself something awesome because you are awesome? Either way, you're onto a winner with Lil Bud. Welcome to a world filled with smile worthy sucking motions and the sensations of your dream oral sex.

This is what we call a really useful page. You will find information on cleaning and caring for your Pleasure Pal, product details, and operational instructions. We also have a few handy Qs and As for your curious mind.


    1. Clean your new Pleasure Pal with warm water and soap or That's The Spot The Sidekick foam toy cleaner. Dry with a lint free cloth.
    2. Fully charge your Pleasure Pal prior to its first use. Use the arrows below for more information on charging.
    3. Never use a Pleasure Pal on swollen and/or damaged skin.
    4. Some consumers may need to consult a medical professional prior to use. This is a personal responsibility.

    1. Only use the charging cable issued with your Pleasure Pal or by That's The Spot to charge your Pal.
    2. Use a USB charging plug of national standard with a voltage of 5V.
    3. Insert the in-line charging point into Lil Bud's charging port, located on its lower back. This will pierce the silicone. A small hole in your Pal is normal, and not a product fault or flaw.
    4. Once plugged in, an indicator light will flash behind the on/off button on Lil Bud's front while charging. The light will remain on and stop flashing when your Pleasure Pal is fully charged and ready to rock.
    5. A full pre-use first charge will take two hours (120 minutes).
    6. Indicative use time is one hour (60 minutes), function, mode and real world play will vary this time.
    7. Do not use, operate any keys or make contact with water while charging.

    1. Lil Bud is recommended for external use only.
    2. Press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to turn your Pleasure Pal on.
    3. Short press the "+" button to increase intensity.
    4. Short press the "-" button to decrease intensity.
    5. Press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to turn off/stop your Pleasure Pal.
    6. Pleasure Pals are for adult use only.
    7. We want you to have fun. But be cool. That’s The Spot is not responsible for individual use concepts, overuse, misuse or injury.

    1. Pleasure Pals should be cleaned before and after each use. We recommend That's The Spot The Sidekick toy cleaner or warm water and soap. Dry your Pleasure Pal with a lint free cloth.
    2. Do not use alcohol or acetone based cleaning agents.
    3. Avoid sun exposure for your Pleasure Pal.
    4. Store in a well ventilated, clean place. Did someone say, “That’s The Spot's nifty cloth storage bag?”
    5. USB charge Pleasure Pals are considered e-waste. At the end of their lifespan, please dispose of your Pleasure Pal responsibly.


A full charge takes two hours (120 min). A light will flash under Lil Bud's front on/off button when it is in charge mode. The light will stop flashing, but remain on when Lil Bud is fully charged.

Be safe, never operate a Pleasure Pal while on charge.

Lil Bud is an external pleasure device. The suction head is specifically designed to mimic oral sex. It works all kinds of magic when placed onto a clitoris. Experiment with Lil Bud by using it for nipple and penis tip play.

Remember, self pleasure and pleasure with another should always be consensual and fun. Explore your body and use Lil Bud in a way that brings you joy and tickles those tingly bits.

Lil Bud should run for 60 minutes without needing a charge. However, use concepts, frequency and intensity can vary results.

If you notice Lil Bud has lost suction power, it might be time to charge your Pal before your next play.

It sure is!

We recommend using a water based lubricant with silicone toys. If you're in the market, check out our The Hero water based lubricant.

You certainly can!

All That's The Spot Pleasure Pals have an IPX6 Waterproof rating. This means they can withstand water spray and are well suited to use in the shower.

When it comes to bath play, we recommend using a vibration style product instead of a suction product like Lil Bud. Submerging this Pal may shorten its lifespan.

To view our full Pleasure Pal range, visit our Pal page.

We recommend cleaning Pleasure Pals before and after each use. Silicone toys can be cleaned with warm water and soap or with a dedicated toy cleaner, such as our The Sidekick cleaner.

Lil Bud has 10 suction levels to explore. Press and hold the power on/off button for two seconds to turn Lil Bud on. Short press the "+" button to increase intensity and short press the "-" button to decrease intensity.

To turn Lil Bud off, press and hold the power on/off button for two seconds.

Oh no! Just like phone charges, sometimes, Pleasure Pal charges go missing. Where do they go? No one knows. It's one of life's great mysteries.

Replacement charges can be purchased from our store in the Extra Extras section.


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